Welcome to

Bergsilder Forest Camp

Our little off-grid paradise!
For the family friendly adventures


Camp in our luxury tents

We have full size safari canvas tent with real beds in


Sauna in the wilderness

After a full day out in the nature you can hit the sauna and take a swim in the water outside!


Flying tent

Treat yourself to a unique experience and try an overnight stay in our flying tent! First-class view in front of Ogan's waterways!


Dining area

Our guest have access to our dining area with fridge and freezer you can store your food and drinks in while your are out in the nature daytime!


Cook delicious food outside

Learn how to cook delicious local inspired food in our outdoor kitchen


Feast meals

We have various utensils for cooking over an open fire,
Why dont try our local favorite "kolbulle"


Take the morning coffee on the water

just relax withy your coffee or take a swim from the jetty


Pick berries or mushrooms

We have many different kinds of berries you can pick, how about cloudberries, blueberries or lingonberries. Or yellow chanterelle or porcini mushrooms.


Get som exercise with the kids

Get on the trampoline with your kids and jump around for a while!


Just relax and watch the sky

Here we have spectacular skies both in the summer and the winter.



There is a wide choice of trails to hike along for both the beginner and the experienced, Just ask us where to find the hike that fits your level!



Hike to an unforgettable view just around the corner from Bergsilder.


Try our rowing boat

You can take our rowing boat and go fishing in the creek, It also has an electric motor that runs on electricity that our solar panels produce during the day! If you ask us, we can tell the story of the boat!

owner and founder 

Elenor Sol Lärka & Stikå Martin Mjöberg